Peacemaking Protocol

Peacemaking Skills

Dialogue skills for managing conflict

There are several foundational principles and many skills for building peace and increasing dialogue among people who differ greatly on important topics. The following pages are designed to help you learn several sets of skills in sequence to build connection in very difficult circumstances.

Foundational Principles for Respectful Dialogue

  • APPROACH conflict with the intention of good will and compassion.
  • PRACTICE the skills of respectful dialogue in a neutral setting before using them in “charged conflict” situations.
  • VALUE what you can learn from making mistakes without judging yourself or imposing self-shame.
  • ENGAGE in the process of “leftovers.” Value the power of dialoguing about unfinished business and seeking common points of connection.
  • EMBRACE optimism and confidence in the possibility of achieving a win-win resolution to any conflict.

Peacemaking Skills: Dialogue Skills for Managing Conflict

These handouts are presented in sequence. Start with the first skills and build on each, using the acronym: S-U-D-S


for Safety

Read about Safety


for Understanding

Read about Understanding


for Dialogue

Read about Dialogue


for Strategies

Read about Strategies